Let us do the work - So you can do your life

Personal assisting 

Do you need someone to plan your next party or event? Pay your bills? Book and schedule your next family vacation? Buy and sent flowers to your loved ones? Schedule doctor, beauty or other appointments? Find your next household cleaner, staff or au pair? Need to find the best restaurant in London? We do the research and reports on any topic, you want to know more about. 


Your PA can take on everything you haven’t thought of - and get it fixed.

Light Financial Accounting

Are finance information often elusive? Your PA can help the experts or outsourcing company to get the information they need, to make all the wheels role, without delayed payments. We do transfers, keep track on your receipts and of course pay your invoices and bills, so you have more time to enjoy other things without hassle. 

Online Management

We know that managing tasks online, can take a lot of time. We can help you set up social media accounts, post on Instagram or Facebook ect. Managing your e-mail.  Help you create a visual unique account tailored to your brand or person. Answer messages and comments online. Make graphic presentations you can sent out or use to your next meeting. And last but not least make all your graphic work - we make all from posters, updates on social media and posts -  to private invitations or pictures you might need. 

Purchasing - business & personal

Having a hard finding those concerts tickets that your daughter wants so badly? Or are you dying to get to that one important football match? Maybe its time for your annual company trip? Or maybe you are having trouble, finding time to buy anniversary gifts for special occasions? 

We can be your extended hand in making these happen, by purchasing everything you might need, so you can keep your time freed up without. 

Travel arrangements

Traveling is always enough of a hassle. We can take care of it all for you, so you can lean back looking forward to that trip you have in front you. We can buy your flight tickets, book your hotel, arrange pickup from the airport, rent a car and book your sight seeing tour.


Beside your own trips, we can plan, coordinate and book everything you might need for the Client and foreign friends that you have in town. 

Personal care and development

The greatest wealth is health and you can’t enjoy wealth if you’re not in good health. We can help you take care of yourself by making you look and feel your best, whether it's  arranging private doctor appointments at your home, , online coaching sessions or getting your workout done with one of the best personal trainers in town - we got you.  


Tell us what you want, and we'll arrange what you need.