Hastrup & Kinnerup base our work on personal relations to our clients - we want to know you and your recommendations, and tailor solutions exactly after your needs, lifestyle and wishes.  

That’s the asset in having a personal assistant.

As our client you get your very own personal assistant as your main point of contact in the company. Their job is to help you with every request you might have.

Nothing is too big or too small to handle. 

Our Expertise

We don't see boundaries - we see opportunities. 

Our services  and expertise is constantly developing and we make an honor out of helping you with any task you might have. We listen, lean and always do our best. 

Collaboration and working together creates the most powerfull results. 

Our Philosophy

We are a dedicated and humble team of professional personal assistants, who's passion is to create more valuable time for you. Our values are crucial to us and we strive to always be transparent, have top priority customer service,  be patient and respectful and fulfill your needs while delivering the unexpected. 

Our team aim to build a strong and trustfull relationship between you and your personal assistant. 

We don't make excuses, we take responsibility. 

Elizabeth Hastrup


Phone: +45 31640640

Elizabeth has a professional approach to everything she does. She is energetic, open-minded and observant in her encounter with people. Her background in cognitive and transformative mentoring, makes her work as the recruiting part of the Hastrup&Kinnerup team, wholeheartedly and not least goal-oriented. Her greatest asset is her ability to spot similarities and commonness between humans, so when finding and matching the best personal assistants for our clients, she executes fast. Her unique force to see the human being as a whole, builds bridges, not only to our partners, but also in the relationship between the client and their personal assistant.